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The Fighting Cocks pride themselves as the losingest team in the hard partying Humboldt Park kickball league, a freewheeling mobocracy of misfits who face off every Sunday in Chicago's brief but glorious summer against the likes of The Christ Punchers, Ronnie's Finger Beef Blasters and Team Orange. KC and Sarah are the king and queen of Kickball Prom and the beating heart of the Fighting Cocks. KC maintains the league's iconoclastic conscience by running bases backwards, inventing absurd rules and provoking the ire of more serious rivals.

Kickball is far more than a game for many of these players. It's a lifestyle and a family free of judgment, a way to remain kids in defiance of the inevitable encroachment of aging and responsibility. There's a tinge of darkness on the edge of the fun as some players' debauchery crosses over into addiction while others deal with disappointed expectations and unfulfilled ambitions. As the season draws to a close, a moment of shocking devastation tests the bonds these suspended adolescents have forged over a summer of fun and games.

As Eric Melin of says, "This group of punks celebrate non-conformity but it's how they come together as adults that give 'Left Field' its biggest victory."
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